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你好! 只是我的 Just my


you are only mine 你只是我的 双语例句 1 You are only mine in this world. 在这个世界上你是我的唯一。

你好! you are only mine in thi 你只是在这我

lf you're mie,you'reonly mine.l don'tlikesharing 如果你是我的,你就只是我的,我不喜欢分享。

You are too much pretty I want you only mine 你太漂亮,我希望你只属于我 too much 太多;太多的;过分 例句: 1.May be too much to explain the matter, the story of the first set seems toostraightforward. 或许是要说明的事项太多,首...

歌曲名:You Are Only Mine 歌手:Kat Deluna 专辑:9 Lives You Are Only Mine Kat Deluna Oh . . . No, no, no, no . . . Ah ah . . . I tell a story how, I tell that hands and reach through love. I came without his crown, falling queen ...

lf you're mie,you're only mine. l don't like sharing 如果你是米氏,你只是我的。我不喜欢分享

you are only mine 你只是我的;你只属于我;你是我的唯一 双语例句 You are only mine in this world. 在这个世界上你是我的唯一。

我是你的,你也只属于我 I am yours also you are only mine

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